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Nan's Top 5 products

Published on Monday, 16 January 2012 18:01
Written by Sarah

So here it is - the top 5 products that Nan just couldn't do without...

  1. Folding Walking Stick- although Nan has one or two other solid walking sticks, this is the one that goes everywhere with her. She just folds it up and puts it in her handbag so she's got a walking stick with her where ever she goes
  2. Walking Frame - this is a great item for getting from one room to another and just keeps her a bit steadier than a single stick. She also adds the tray to it so she can carry food to the table or a book to her chair
  3. Pill organiser - like many people as they get older Nan has a myriad of pills to take each days and this handy little item stops her, and us! getting in a muddle. It's also a great way to monitor that a relative has taken al their medication
  4. Toilet Aid - seat riser and support guard - as everything has just got that bit stiffer in recent years Nan finds this product really useful to keep her steady and safe when the call of nature comes!
  5. Manual Riser Chair - an absolute winner! Everyone must have at some point in their life had to pull a family member or friend out of a squidgy soft sofa! Well this fabulous chair means Nan can be independent at home and get up and out of her chair with ease
Folding Walking Stick Walking Frame Pill Organiser Toilet Seat Raiser Raiser Chair